A Common Enemy

On October 28, the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly for the 23rd year in a row to condemn the United States’ tough embargo on Cuba as a unilateral interference in free trade. Coincidentally, the UN system is tackling the devastating spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa and urging states to contribute medical and financial resources to stem the outbreak.

Hassan Rouhani

More than Diplomacy

35 years after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic and the United States is finally thawing. The United Kingdom’s former representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Peter Jenkins, argues that more has to be done to neutralize several decades of mistrust.

nader Hashemi

A Horizon of Opportunity

As talks resume this week in an effort to diffuse the crisis over Iran’s nuclear program, hopes are high that the U.S.–Iran relationship will thaw for good. Analyst Nader Hashemi argues that the pro-democracy movement in Iran will also benefit from a more amiable relationship between the United States and Iran.

Japan Disputed Islands

Seas of Tension

Many interpret China’s regional disputes as signs of a rising world power flexing its muscles. Yukon Huang, the World Bank’s former country director for China, argues that understanding each country’s point of view is key to de-escalating tensions in the region.

Mideast Egypt

Locked Out of Prosperity

The high hopes for social and political change that came over the Arab world almost three years ago have now transformed into uncertainty. World-renowned economist Hernando de Soto argues that nothing will be resolved until people are given the opportunity to prosper within the world market economy.